Health Benefits linked to kratom

Health Benefits linked to kratomKratom, which has been made available on the internet, has been in the recent years under the spotlight for its use as a medicinal drug as well as a recreational drug. A number of countries have banned it. Kratom has some good health benefits that can go unrecognized.

Pain killer

Kratom leaves are used as medicine because they have analgesic properties. They relieve pain quickly through the body by affecting the hormonal system. The amount of dopamine and serotonin increases in the body once the leaves are chewed. Thus relieving the pain.

Boosts immune system

Studies conducted on various alkaloids present in kratom leaves have proved that the combinative effects have a great effect on the resilience and the strength of the immune system. Also, the herbs are known to destroy the free radical in the body and promote the antimicrobial activities and are a source of antioxidants too.

Boosts energy

One of the reasons why kratom leaves are so popular is their metabolic effect. They optimize certain metabolic activities causing an increase in energy levels. This hence results in an increased blood flow and brings in a soothing nature to the body. Those who suffer from a fatigue syndrome should give it a try, it offers a natural solution.

Sexual stimulant

Kratom can be used as fertility booster and was used by traditional healers as an aphrodisiac. The increased blood flow can lead to an increased libido. According to studies conducted on animals, it was found to improve the chances of conception.

Diabetes management

This is the least known use of kratom. Although the research conducted is limited, alkaloids found on kratom have been found to regulate glucose and insulin in the blood. Apart from helping the diabetes patients, it can also prevent disease from developing.

Reduces anxiety

Kratom has anxiolytic properties that help people with mental illnesses such as depression. By controlling the hormones in the body, some people may actually get relieved from chemical imbalances symptoms and may not necessarily need pharmaceutical drugs to cure those conditions. However, more research needs to carried out to ascertain this information and kratom should not be used as an alternative to doctor’s prescription.

Kratom tree is being used as medicine for centuries, know which 8 health benefits are linked with kratom and how you can use it safely.